Experimental Works 2000-2015 is a collection of 9 CDs of over 50 original compositions made by Riccardo Mazza in the first fifteen years of the 21st century, resulting from sound experimentation in different cultural, artistic and scientific contexts. It is a monographic collection that due to its complexity and versatility has been divided into themes referring to specific times when the composer has developed methods, algorithms or specific experimental techniques to create his compositions.


The thematic areas range from concrete music, often made using sounds Riccardo Mazza recorded when travelling around the world with special microphone techniques in surround, which he himself developed during production of the Dolby sound libraries, to algorithmic music composed by writing code, particularly for installations in the contemporary art world, to vast production of electronic/synthetic music created as sound environments for the many multimedia installations in museums, designed and manufactured by the composer in collaboration with the Interactive Sound studio which he founded in 2001.


Some experiments also have a scientific aspect, such as the creation of simulated sleep waves, published in a study on applications in the psychoacoustic field and included as an element in many of the compositions. The complex subject matter of the 9 releases is described in the small volume accompanying the box set (forthcoming) where each song is accompanied by a brief description that contextualises it in terms of the period and the experimental research type.


Research and spatialisation

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Interactive Sound

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